Extensible Markup Language (XML) is used to describe data.


Years of experience in developing single &multi page applications, websites and portals from compact vertical solutions to sophisticated horizontal and cloud portals.


Clients globally from different businesses & industries, including healthcare, automobiles, transport, travel & Entertainment.

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While Using XML

We program XML for data compatibility between multiple platforms with seamless storing and transporting of data

We utilize XML data mapping for Databases, flat files, Excel, web services, and JSON

We design custom XML reports and style sheets with HTML, RTF/Word, and PDF output capabilities
We program custom coding for data access methods for XML documents to perform in-memory operations (create, validate, transform, and modify)

We develop custom XML editors for automatic validation and error correction

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At Ciigen, We do research and development on upcoming technologies and updates on existing tools in the IT market. Our QA team helps you resolving run time bugs on applications after their deployment.

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