AngularJS, is an open-source web application framework maintained by Google
which helps tackle problems of developing applications.


Years of experience in developing single page applications, websites and portals from compact vertical solutions to sophisticated horizontal and cloud portals.


Clients globally from different businesses & industries, including healthcare, automobiles, transport, travel & Entertainment.

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While Using AngularJS

We can modify any HTML element according to our needs with Angular Directives.

Many reasons to use AngularJS are declarative UI, filter flexibility, use of less code, and context aware communication.

Angular models are plain old JavaScript objects. This makes your code easy to test, maintain, reuse, and again free from boilerplate.
AngularJS lets you express the behavior in a clean readable form without the usual boilerplate of updating the DOM, registering callbacks or watching model changes.

Client-side form validation is an important part of great user experience. AngularJS lets you declare the validation rules of the form without having to write JavaScript code.

The Advantage

Why not choose a team which is skilled in developing new ideas with a whole new technology?

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  • Your Rights Over Source Code
  • Real Time Communication
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World-Class Software Solution

At Ciigen, We do research and development on upcoming technologies and updates on existing tools in the IT market. Our QA team helps you resolving run time bugs on applications after their deployment.

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