Publishing Software & Applications

Our software designers, developers and implementation experts are fully compliant
with regulatory standards inherent to the publishing industry.

Ciigen has an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the various segments that drives the publishing industry.

We had worked closely with other software engineers and operators to develop extensive & comprehensive technology solutions that address their businesses' developmental needs.

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Our costings are always competitive and we bring you highly qualified experts only.

Publishing Software and Services

Custom Desktop Publishing & KIOSK
Content Management System (CMS)
Digital Rights Management (DRM) Software
Word Processing Applications
Interactive App Design
Database Management Software

The Advantage

Why not choose a team which is skilled in developing new ideas with a whole new technology?

  • Industry Specific Experience
  • Scalability & Support
  • Your Rights Over Source Code
  • Real Time Communication
  • Highly Qualified Developers
  • Over 300 Happy Clients
  • Over 45% Referrals
  • Cost Effective Solutions

World-Class Software Solution

At Ciigen, We do research and development on upcoming technologies and updates on existing tools in the IT market. Our QA team helps you resolving run time bugs on applications after their deployment.

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